About Us

KinderHive is a homy shelter to take care young children while their parents are working from morning to afternoon. KinderHive is established based on our good will to help working parents to find a comfortable, educative, and safe place for their children to stay and learn as well. We give the children attentiveness, love, care and stimulation as a learning process. Thus the children can grow and nourish their uniqueness optimally.
KinderHive help and guide the children not only to develop their daily life skills but also their thinking, communication, art and crafts, and gross and fine motor skills through the play approach method. The children will be given the values of life through a fun activities such as story telling and dramatic play. KinderHive has caring and loving educators and caregivers who gives the children’s needs, attention, guidance, and observes their whole activities the whole the day.
We are proud to be part of your early childhood program and be able to develope their uniqueness in their golden age.


  1. Qualified shelter for children to nourish their uniqueness thus they can grow optimally as a person.


  1. Parent’s partnership in nourishing the children uniqueness.
  2. Provide needs, care, love, and education for the children grow optimally.
  3. Educate the children about values and skills in daily life.
  4. Facilitate and guide the children’s learning.

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